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Our principals have conducted hundreds of interviews over the last several decades and have attended workshops delivered by the world's leading authority on the subject of executive assessment. Our in-depth executive assessments help you avoid hiring or promoting the wrong individual for a job. Our in-depth insight and assessment process can save you time, money and a tremendous amount of effort in having to correct hiring and promoting mistakes.

Our executive assessments begin with a discussion of the proposed position and its associated accountabilities and competencies. We then document our understanding of all by formulating an executive scorecard for the position and review this with you prior to our interviews with candidates. Once approved, we then conduct a series of telephone based competency interviews which last generally between 2-3 hours. These interviews are followed up with a face to face interview that generally lasts 3 – 5 hours. We ask more than 16 questions about every job and probe into a candidates formative years and their related schooling. There are more than 1,000 data points in our assessment process.

Upon completion of our assessments, you will receive a report highlighting a candidate’s strengths and potential weak points. In addition, our reports have a competency summary noting whether the candidate is an ideal fit for the company and a longitudinal biography which explains how successful they have been and how they work with different kinds of people. We will also conduct a follow-up phone call with you providing in-depth analysis of the candidate.

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