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Traditionally most executive search firms have utilized both internal and external researches to identify and qualify prospective candidates in a search process.   These researchers performed the “grunt work” often associated with each search, locating target companies, contracting prospects and screening/qualifying potential candidates.

Automotive Executive Search International was founded as a viable alternative to search firms and recruitment agencies. Established as an executive research firm, the company’s services eliminate the middleman involved in each search by providing targeted candidate identification and profiling services directly to corporate clients enabling them to undertake their own selection process.

Automotive Executive Search International's services are ideal when:
  • You are having a hard time locating an executive, manager or team member with specific skills or industry experience.
  • You have identified a group of companies you would like to hire someone from and may even have specific contact names.
  • You are seeking a cost effective 3rd party to contact and profile them.
  • You are less than pleased with your current search provider’s results. They may be difficult to deal with or may have failed on previous assignments.
  • The Cost of traditional search is prohibitive.
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